Sibling Rivalry

Yesterday, I got to spend a gorgeous, sunny Carolina afternoon with my little sister in Raleigh. Like a lot of siblings, one of us goes to UNC and one of us goes to N.C. State; after being stuck together our entire lives, we’re still only 23 miles apart. (I tried to get her to become a Tar Heel, but she wasn’t having it. At least she didn’t go to dook.)

I’m one of those lucky kids who has really awesome siblings. I hear rumors that this is not always the case, but my sister just so happens to be one of the sweetest, most encouraging people in my life. We like our brother okay too.

While I was driving, I was thinking how glad I am that it’s easy to hop over to Raleigh. In North Carolina, it’s fairly common for siblings to go to different schools in the Triangle. We’re used to our families and support systems being no more than half an hour away, but that isn’t the case with most other schools in the country. Clemson/ South Carolina, Virginia/ Virginia Tech, Alabama/ Auburn… these schools aren’t that close to each other.

But here, thousands and thousands of college students are heart-and-soul loyal to three major universities—all within roughly 30 miles of one another. We love being so close to our friends and siblings, until those two or three days out of the year when it’s game day and we can’t stand each other. Dook tends to be more along the lines of loathing/ disgust/ hatred at all times, but that’s beside the point. The best part of this proximity is obviously college basketball, with the side effect of a lot of brilliant people in a relatively small area (Research Triangle Park, anyone?).

I love Chapel Hill, and I love that my sister is close to Chapel Hill. It means that I can take an hour or two to run get lunch with her, get her advice if I need it and complain about whatever I need, since she’s obligated to listen. Years of potential blackmail material will do that to ya.

It also means I can’t be quite as mean with my State insults (sadly). Fortunately there’s a plethora of great ones, so I can pick and choose.

I once saw a quote that goes, “If life is a cookie, sisters are the chocolate chips.” While admittedly cheesy, I think that just about sums it up! Love ya you little drama queen.

He's actually a Carolina fan...

*Look for more of my blogging attempts in the near future!