21 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Writing Papers

Four papers due in one week will really get your imagination (and procrastination techniques) going. Someone remind me why I decided 18 hours as a second semester senior was a good idea? Answer: it wasn’t.

So, in honor of Lucy’s terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-week, here’s a melodramatic list of things I’d rather be doing than analyzing 20th Century British poetry:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Going for a run (how ambitious of me, hypothetically)
  3. Sleeping, napping, catnapping, closing my eyes for five seconds…
  4. Pinning foods that I will never make (it’s the thought that counts, duh)
  5. Binge reading. John Grisham I miss you.
  6. Bungee jumping
  7. FRIENDS (someone come talk to me I’m dying)
  8. Roadtripping
  9. Job searching (lol things are getting bad)
  10. Adopting a puppy
  11. Painting my nails (sparkly, ideally)
  12. Re-watching our past two basketball games.
  13. JK, papers are less painful.
  14. Learning French
  15. Quad sitting
  16. Catching up on Scandal/ Grey’s/ Suits
  17. Packing for Amsterdam & Paris (so. excited.)
  18. Leaving Davis Library
  19. Eating copious amounts of YoPo
  20. Contact with the outside world (BuzzFeed, where you at)
  21. Anything.

It’s actually not that bad, but being a bit dramatic is much more satisfying than it probably should be. Happy midterms week y’all!