23 Signs You Are Abnormally Cold

**As told by a self-diagnosed chronically cold individual**

  1. Winter is the epitome of all your worst fears.
  2. You regularly make coffee, tea or hot chocolate purely for warmth purposes. (Your fingers and nose will thank you)
  3. You have at least three blankets on your bed at all times. Probably three more in the closet for backup. You know, just in case…
  4. HYPOTHERMIA IS REAL and you have suffered from it. On multiple occasions. The fact that your fingers haven’t gotten frostbite yet is a miracle of incredible proportions.
  5. You’ve been known to turn on the oven just to stick your hands in and warm them up.
  6. Cuddling has very little to do with any sort of relationship… it’s a survival mechanism.
  7. As is hugging.
  8. Getting out of a hot shower is the hardest thing you have ever had to do…
  9. And once you’re cold, you literally cannot warm up. Nothing works and it is horrible.
  10. You have left places/ social events/ anything due to being cold.
  11. You probably own footie pajamas. No shame.
  12. Also fuzzy socks. Lots of them.
  13. You can’t remember the last time your fingers and toes didn’t feel like icicles.
  14. You will go to great lengths to avoid situations where you will be in the cold for long periods of time.
  15. All your friends hate you for constantly whining about how cold you are. You have also probably stolen their jackets on multiple occasions.
  16. You’ve developed a talent for finding the seat furthest away from the door when you enter a restaurant. And sitting under an air vent? Forget it. Someone’s switching.
  17. Your one and only motivator for going to the gym in the winter is to warm up.
  18. You consistently wear at least three more layers than everyone else. Two pairs of leggings? Check. A shirt under a sweater under a vest under a jacket? Check.
  19. You look forward to getting into your blazing hot car in the summer. Ahhhh the warmth.
  20. Sunshine is your best friend. Like, you need it.
  21. You’ve tried, on multiple occasions, to convince yourself (and everyone) that you have seasonal affective disorder. Because why else would you be this miserable.
  22. Summer is far and away the best time of year. Bring on that 90 degree heat, sweat and humidity.
  23. But then people crank up the air in every building ever, so you’re forced to be that person carrying a jacket around with you in the middle of summer. Haters gonna hate.

This is you. All the time.

Summer, hurry up.