Sappy Senior Week

  1. Become irrationally upset that it is, in fact, senior week and we have to do this whole graduation thing.
  2. Get free cupcakes. Food bribery works.
  3. Quad sit. Every single day.
  4. Pit sit. Buy too much Med Deli to accompany pit sitting.
  5. Turn in final paper of my college career. Get way too sentimental about it.
  6. Wait four hours. Skip two classes. Maybe climb the Bell Tower?
  7. Meet Chancellor Folt, decide that she’s the cutest ever.
  8. Finally climb the Bell Tower. Take selfies, sign our names, tear up again.
  9. Take grad pics. Figuring out how to put on a cap is more difficult than it looks.
  10. See Chancellor Folt while taking said grad pics. She remembers us, so basically we’re now best buds.
  11. Gimghoul loop runs (mostly for the tulips)
  12. Puppies on Polk Place. Aka heaven.
  13. Yopo all day everyday.
  14. Last lecture // picnic on McCorkle Place
  15. See entire senior class Thurs night.
  16. Final Branding of Me class, complete with a whole lot of inspiration for us to take away (more on this later).
  17. Ben & Jerry’s at 11 a.m. (Thanks Gary!)
  18. Last LDOC ever
  19. Listen to the Clefs at the Old Well Sing
  20. Old Well, my best friends, and the Clefs singing “Carolina In My Mind.” Cue the actual tears.
  21. Realize that finals still exist. Study apathetically. Bye Senior Week.